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Unity Development Resources

New to Unity? Want to learn how to navigate the interface and learn the basic terminology used in the engine?

There are plenty of free resources online that cover the basics of Unity. We recommend you have a basic understanding of the Unity interface, and knowing terms like Scene, GameObject, Hierarchy, Inspector, and Assets will be beneficial but not necessary.

This page will not cover any VR or AR specific platforms such as Oculus or Vuforia. It is intended to get you comfortable using Unity, which many of our workshops are taught in. To learn those technologies, visit the respective workshop pages.


Unity's official tutorials do a great job at giving an overview of how to create a project, navigate the interface, and use the engine's main features.

Creating your first unity project:

Unity interface basics:

Unity concepts like GameObject, Scene, etc:


In addition, there are great unofficial YouTube channels that give introductory tutorials to Unity.

These two videos will walk you through a very simple game and introduce you to scripting with C#.

The author of these videos, Brackeys, has a host of other great Unity tutorials on his channel. For a beginner, this is a great place to start.

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